In your eyes alone I found grace



yowzah duality battle ➛ marciaoverstrand vs kirstencohens

round two: chaos/order

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Something wispered. I listened.

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make me choose:  asked: scott mccall or sam evans

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It was my arrow, aimed at the chink in the force field surrounding the arena, that brought on this firestorm of retribution. That sent the whole country of Panem into chaos.

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HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE: Loki Laufeyson

"Born to be a king, I ask one thing in return: a front seat to watch Earth burn.”


Magic is real. I can touch it and command it and I need no faith for it to fill me up inside. If you are looking for your higher power, there it is.

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She was no one’s daughter now. She was no one. Not Arya, not Weasel, not Nan nor Arry nor Squab, not even Lumpyhead. She was only some girl who ran with a dog by day, and dreamed of wolves by night.

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Dean + being adorable


Oh, fuck me.